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Gravity Hangover

I don't know how to recover from the hangover caused by our last conversation. I feel like an astronaut who is just back to earth: fighting with gravity. My legs told me to stand up straight but my brain was confused and gave all my weight to the ground. I always choose to fall. I know I don't have wings, but I know I've been flying. I know that I had to step on the ground, but I just can't. We could laugh over ice cream then cry over a birthday cake. Have I ever told you that one day, I couldn't recall how  I left that place? I've been trying to remember but I failed. It's weird because it's been with me for almost five years long. I knew it by heart. When you could share your trauma without crying is considered a part of healing, can I call myself healed when I literary forgot how the trauma hit me? If the answer is yes , then why sometimes do I still see myself unworthy? Why do I still have those anxieties? I have so many anxieties. I feel anxious whe