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I let you came into my life recently. It wasn't planned. I never had a plan to meet someone like you. But I gave you some space inside. I welcome you and you stay respectfully. I let you tell your story. Your life, your struggle, the way you coped with those... everything. I was touched by the way you survive back then. It is a beautiful story of yours that cherish me and feels so empowering. I feel encouraged. But then you suddenly quiet. You want to hear my story. I said: no. I love to hear yours and yours only. You said: what's the point of loving my story if you can't embrace yours? What's the point spend your time listening to me carefully if you don't listen to yourself alone? You already know my story, it is indeed painfully terrifying but I made it. I know you still have some issues. I'm here all ears. I don't think I need to share mine because I don't need people to feel empathetic towards me. But you said it wasn't the problem. You said, yo