A Short Post about What I've Lost

I wrote this in just one sit. I promise I stopped wherever I finish. So here I go.

I have a lot to tell since the last time I posted. I’ve lost my father due to Covid. It’s my biggest loss this year. I never imagined I would lose him in such way.

He is not my favorite person, but (believe me) losing someone who we get used to in his presence is still painful. He is my son's favorite person. I had a hard time to tell my son. And the time I told him, he cried the loudest. He said he still wants to play with Akung (this is the way they called my father).

I don’t have a lot of his picture on my phone because accidentally my phone is just broken days before we infected Covid. I only have a few of them from other phones.

Both losing him and remembering his presence is my soft spot right now. I could cry a river the second his face pop out in my head

There’s a lot to heal.[]