Days Without Phone

My phone is dying. Last Saturday morning (26th December), he jumped into the water while my husband took the boys in the shower. Don't ask how can it did happen.

He is my seventh phone and has been with me for at least one and a half year. Just like you, I stored a lot of things there. After pulled it from water, I put it on the sack of rice for more than an hour, I guess. Still no sign of life. Ppfft.

That evening we brought the phone to the service center nearby. I need it to be handling soon. It's an emergency because that day I had an appointment with someone and I have a project that still needs to progress. Run typical days without a phone is weird. Here, I want to share my notes on what has changed while my phone is away.

I want to track down what things could be good if I totally off from my phone. I do believe there are good things about this.

Day One:

The time I realized my phone didn't respond to any instructions like restarting or total shut down, I went upstairs and sent messages through Telegram to a friend of mine from Twitter that we couldn't make the meetup that day because of the phone. I planned to go alone with Gojek which impossible without my phone. Thus, I could ask for help from my husband to drop me at the venue but guess what? Our car just needs some repairs and just dropped in the workshop yesterday. Yep, just a day ago. Coincidence?

The meetup fail. Next, I told my writing partner in the writing project to announce in the Whatsapp group that my phone is dying. I'm the one who responsibility about the money, while I couldn't access internet banking to check any payment, so yeah.

I can access Telegram because I haven't logged it out, while I can't do the same with Whatsapp because I usually log out right after I finished my work and went downstairs. It is indeed weird. I usually live with some tunes while I do everything. And check on Twitter, my book shop, watching something on Netflix and Prime Video. Just like that, I have to adapt.

Day two:

Considered this as a blessing in disguise, I try to work on something else. I finally finished reading one of my currently reading books, I edited some blog posts and continue writing on my piece for the writing project. Not bad.

I still can enjoy music, check on Twitter and emails once in a while from my laptop. I feel nothing truly changed because actually nobody needs to talk with me for a particular reason.

Ada yang garing tapi bukan kerupuk :(

Day three:

So since I worked from home, sometimes I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't sleep anymore. When it happens, I usually open my phone, scrolled Twitter, or just write something on my notes. Last night, when I wide awake at around 2 Am, I just staring at the ceiling and trying so hard to back to sleep again--which was hard. I wanted to read because I put my books near my pillow, but it would wake my son up. So, yeah. I barely awake until it almost dawn.

In the morning, the service center girl called my husband that he could pick the phone. BUT NOT MINE. Oh, I forget to tell you that we put two phones. Another one was my old phone that I threw away back in 2019 because I was so mad :))

Don't ask why.

That old one comes back to life. I felt weird when I hold it in my hand again. You know, the weird weird because you already let it go somehow :))

You view the old photos again, see the old layout again,... and feel the old feeling about something that made you mad, again. This old phone is quite slow. So damn slow compare to my current phone. I decided to uninstall some apps so that I could install the cat games my son loves so much. Yes, I gave it to him.

Day four:

There are times when I want to buy coffee and then realized I can't buy it because I don't have a phone. :(

I also want to back selling my books again. UGH.

At this point, I understand that no matter you didn't own any phone you can still be distracted by many things. Me myself still scroll down Twitter or choose songs as back sound while I work (which takes a century!). You still can find distractions even without any phone in your hand... if you allowed them to. :))

I received payment confirmation emails that a buyer bought a book from my Shopee store. The thing is: Shopee always wants me to log in only after I input the OTP code via SMS. GOSH. After asked my husband to input my card on his phone, I was able to log in and proceed with the purchase.

And you know what? Then came another payment later that night. :))

The mailman who needs to pick up my package called through my husband phone because... yeah, he couldn't send me any messages. What a day.

Day five:

I have a lot to tell related to this phone thing. My son is sick since this morning. He looks way better this evening, but I think I still have to take care of him first... then thinking about buying a new phone. Oh, my dying phone is died--finally. :(

So next thing to do is looking for a new phone for me, which, I haven't decided whether I would buy it online or on the store.

Believe me, I have more to tell :(

Talk later.


So since there's no news about my phone up to this time, I let this post a bit hanging like this, hahah! I'll update it once I get something to tell. Wish me luck! (written on 28 Dec)[]