My Ocean of Silence


I do enjoy reading so much. Not because I am a smart person, but because reading gives me a quite room which I could drown without losing my breath. It calms me. It makes me forget about my life--even for a while.

I've been away from my books lately, yes, it's called reading slump. I just-- I just can't read. I can't pick my books and read them. Let alone finished them. I think I even avoided them somehow.

There are no particular reasons why I can't read. Well, maybe at first I had some problems that consume most of my thoughts. I just can't get rid them that quick.

Or, maybe, I didn't want them to go that quick. I cherished them inside my mind. I pleased them whenever they came but still hold the door open for them. And there it is, I even didn't notice when they were leaving.

Then I was busy with my work, which makes me missed my books more. And oh, also blogging. I didn't even have time to watch Netflix, hahahah!

I just starring at those pile of books near my bed and WONDERING when will I be able to read again :)))

There you go. I'm just a human who sometimes craving for something I couldn't do :))

New books keep coming. My birthday book also waiting for me. And since my work might be finished or at least declined in about days ahead, so I guess I'm gonna see you again, guys?[]