Move on, Alex!

"I wrote a long paragraph last night." She sat in front of me and took a toast that already cold.

"About Jo?" I asked her while still holding my book.

She nodded while chewing. "This pain is too heavy to endure."

I nodded too. Alex and Jo made two fabulous years of relationship. They looked fine. Everything seemed good. Until one day Jo said he wanted to leave. Not going anywhere but left from Alex.

Since that day, Alex spent her days mostly in my dorm. She was doing everything except being normal. She cried a lot, refused to eat and didn't be able to attend classes. All of her friends came by but then they gave up.

They just didn't get why it was that HARD for her to move along with her life. A life that quite delightful. You know, gold and glitters. She, actually, has them all.

"But I just want to keep it myself, not give anyone a chance to read it." I guess she talked to me.

"I don't want to read either," I said while I closed my book and put it on the table in front of me.

As she aimed to get on her feet with her coffee cup in her hand, she put herself back when I said that. Her face turned something that I can tell you she was upset. Her lips cracked a bit as if she wanted to say: what?

"Look, Al. It's almost a year since you came here. No, I'm not talking about you have to pay my bill or something. I'm rich and you know that." She burst out a shimmer laugh. Something that is so rarely happened lately.

I added, "it's time to let go, Al. I know the pain you are talking about--the one you made it my bedtime story for those hundreds of nights as if I was your only daughter who craving for a Cinderella story. Well, without the prince, actually.” She chuckled, nodded and some of her bangs also bouncing.

“So… did I look so desperate, Mel?” Her puppy eyes I can’t stare a bit longer, she was about to cry.

“No, Al. It’s… Listen. Everybody has their own time to grieve their loss. I believe you had a wonderful couple of years with Jo. I can see that. But… you’ve been paused your time a little too slow. You’ve been away and locked yourself down way too long. Did you know what you’ve been missing? Four parties, dozens of movies and a lot more dates were cancelled. Not to mention those classes which some of them are your favorites.”

She rumpled her tip of her T-shirt. I crossed the table to approach her and held her hand. “You gotta give yourself another chance, Al. Those lips screaming for a kiss, you know."

Now she was really laughing and a slight of tears started to come. "Thanks, Mel. I know. Well, actually, I planned to take the summer project Charlie offered me,” she sobbed.

We stared at each other and smiled. “Thank you. Thank you, Mel,” she sniffled softly.

After a hug, I told her: "You remember a guy that approached you when we have dropped something on Pappy's? Tom told me that he was asking about you yesterday." She laughed again while wiping her tears.

"I guess Tom had his number." I winked.[]

Posted on Instagram on 9 Jan 2018 (edited as necessary)