A tone from an empty mind

I love doing the dishes. It provides me an amount of time which I could be drowning into my head and dug deep into my feelings. I could remember about something funny or something painful while squeak the sponge full of foam cleans up all the leftovers.

I could rinse the coffee grounds from the cup and recalled the warm conversation about how the aunty from our village became so ill or whatever they murmured because I lost my mind thinking of something else.

Sometimes my mum talking to me while I’m doing the dishes. But it’s such a distraction for me. I like it better while no one in the kitchen so I can enjoy my solitude. I love hearing the television from afar. The sound of the water streaming down the plates, the cups, the spoons. The mind.

And all the stuff goes away as the water running down the pipes.

We can’t bring back time. Nor the breaking things you’ve done.
And you're still wondering why I didn’t love you after all this time?[]