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Educated: how to educate yourself beyond schools

(This is my first impression about Educated that I chose to write in English. On the last part of this post, I will talk about my next impression that wrote in Indonesian. So, here we go:)  Life might be hard, and some of them could be derived from what we might call it: privilege. Thus, can comes in several forms, as our parents (socio-economical's status to any other identities that involved) until what comes to us as chances and self-will. Tara Westover tells us through her "Educated" book how she struggled to reach education while she did not even have any chance. By chance, I mean, her father is a hardliner religious believer and also a govt apathetic that drives his children's life pathways. He was about to plot their life which, unfortunately, made bad decisions for his children. For me, it's easier to imagine Tara's life as an anti-vaxxer daughter. Her dad never sends Tara and her brothers to school because for him, going to school means send you