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Lelaki Harimau: kisah lelaki dengan dendam dan sakit hati

Picture of my own, from my IG story It’s been a while since my latest post. So what I've been up to? Well… I’ve spent half of the year applying for a job while I still did house chores like…yeah, you named it. But I kept myself read books—a printed ones—whatever I’ve been busy into, because…that thing keep me sane, for anybody’s sake. Now I found that I’ve been away from my blog. I wasn’t update the blog with…anything. Literary anything for almost three fvckin months. Pfftt. (Sounds like I’m as busy as any corporate slaves out there. *waving to all HRDs*) Since then, I’ve read some books and they are fictions. Some of them are: Khutbah Di atas Bukit. Belajar Mencintai Kambing. Bakat Menggonggong. Bagaimana Tuhan Menciptakan Cahaya. 24 Jam Bersama Gaspar. Lelaki Harimau. (Do you realize that all of them were written by male authors? I’m gonna talk about this…someday. About why I feel so into them recently.) This time, I want to review Lelaki