I miss you, ma gals!

I fell blessed surrounded by amazing girls. The most amazing days started when I was in college. It was fun, thrilled, whatever you named about it and memorable. To look back on today, really, I truly missed them much.

It is not because we chose to apart. And by apart, yes, we have separated miles away but no, it is not about we pulled ourself away. Well, I hope so.

This post aims to praise them as my cool, beautiful, smart, witty and that-is-the-way-they-are friends because, hell, I am fucking missed you, girls! When you are read this and you feel that it is YOU I am writing about, yeah, you know that it is you!

Do you remember when we spent a cold night until the dawn breaking somewhere in Kaliurang? Or when we spent our spare times during class in the library, canteen or sat under the tree and sometimes compared ourself with the French buddies?

Do you remember when we spent the whole night during Ramadhan finishing our paper since breakfasting time until almost morning without moving our butt off in front of the (rented) computer? How someone could do it unless they were insane enough?

Or when that lecturer who judged us with plagiarism but we defended like: it is not plagiarism, we just make the same pattern and applied it to our task. Oh, girls, we were so lazy that day.

Do you remember the days and nights we spent cooking and delivered it to some villages around the camp after the huge earthquake hit Jogja in 2006? Like cooking was our passion. What? But hey, we did it.

And, oh, the nights we walked to Grha Sabha just to sat, enjoyed the silent and dark night with some lamps, talked about life or mocked the couple below us and (of course) smoked a bit. Sometimes we changed the direction to Galeria just to stroll around and back home. You know what was important? That deep talk. Yes, I missed that so much.

Or the late nights we sneaked into her room, watched her play that game while we drank coffee or (again) smoked until PM changed to AM. Or when sometimes we played with makeup and laughing in the end because, yeah, we messed that much.

Sometimes, I did sleepover while in college. But I also made it after I had work. So, do you remember when we had our sleepover? When in Bandung while I was “Dinas Luar”, I asked you whether you could come to my hotel and be my companion for a night—because the night before, sleeping alone was terrifying enough. Fortune on my side, your husband was not home that night so you said yes. We walked through the crowded street full of boutiques and ended up having supper at McDonald's near the hotel. We talked before bed and I remember it was during fasting month so we had to sleep soon.

Or another sleepover when in Jogja? With you, an old friend, who genuinely let me to decided every single thing we gonna do that night. So, we walked the Malioboro Street and finally stopped because I wanted to pee so badly. Yeah, I was pregnant at that time.

Or when we were Dinas Luar at Padang and Batam. Do you remember when we had our late dinner at 24hours KFC and ordered random meals because we were not starving actually, but just need a place to laugh and talked random conversation? Or when you bought those skinny bottles at free duty shop and initiated to open one of them while we watched “Hang Over 2”. You know what? I felt sorry for refused your offering to share the bottle with me. Haha, sucks!

Is it all? No. This is only what I remember while I typed this post. I do believe I still have a lot of moments like these with you, girls. But you know what? I also remember the times when you, girls, stood by my side during my bad times.

You, who spare your time just to meet me between your busy weeks—weekday worker and weekend mother. We talked and you hugged me tight while I was finishing me cry.

You, who always be able to receive my phone calls whatever that means. The one who (still) wanted to meet me across hundreds of kilometres away just to make sure that I am fine. WE ARE FINE.

You, the most rational person with rational advice. You know what? I wish I believe in you but ten years earlier. So, slap me harder next time, please! I don’t mind if it just by texting.

You, who I believe sent by God when I felt down and my suicidal thoughts came through. 

You might think you didn’t do anything, but hey, you made me think clearer that day. So, thank you!

I will and I am sure will, doing that fun stuff again with you, girls. It might not be the same again. But it will be way funnier, loads with happiness and love. I will get there someday.

We have not attended a music concert together.
We have not enjoyed the sunrise at Bromo with you yet.
We have not played at a desolate beach somewhere in this country.
We have not eaten your favourite dish at eleven PM.
We have not met and watched me got my first ink.
We have not spent dusk to dawn under the millions of stars.

I think this is the way we look when we were together. Credit picture, here.

And when it says that you are defined by your five closest friends, I would proudly say: I am happy to be their part of life. Being those awesome girls part of life.[]