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Why I Installed Medium (and then uninstalled and reinstalled again)

pict source Having a blog since 2010 makes me didn’t want another blogging platform simply because I can’t put both legs on more than one blog. I am truly realized that I am not that productive to post regularly. If so, why should I have to have a new one? Talking about the blog post, which I considered as long-form random writing, I even can not upload something in Facebook status just as long as the blog post like almost everybody does. I just can’t do it whether because I can’t distinguish between where to post a long piece or I just want to collect all of my random-long writing just in one place. On the contrary, whenever a new writing platform appears, I didn’t bother to try. Medium was one of those new blogging platforms I ever tried. I once saw it because somebody on Twitter shared the link. I have to admit that m y first impression about Medium was it has a beautiful and neat interface I love. It is kind of blog site theme I always crave for. It is a mobile blo