To bake or not to bake?

This was the first cookies' packaging. I added the Doyle paper for decoration. It is quite sweet tho.

Well hello, people.

Okay. I am not that well and I don’t want to say hello to everybody because… WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO? And did you notice that I wrote that first sentence not in a pleasant way but in plain, bored and not impressive at all? Did you? Ha?

K, chill now.

So apparently I don’t feel really okay. IDK either it’s because of my PMS or I'm just deadly bored at home. Whatever it is, this time, I want to share my baking business story with you guys (as if I have tons of readers out there LOL).

I started to sell cookies in 2016 when I was in Jogja. It was almond cheese cookies, my first homemade cookies. Yes, I never baked cookies before and that first time came out good. I made it with the best butter brand in town, almond as filling and topping (double almond, guys!) and Edam cheese.

It is buttery yet softly cheese flavour but so damn fragile that I have to carry them myself to Jakarta for those who bought because they never can be saved if I sent them through the expedition.

I made it to five packs or so for my first selling and I made it by myself with my pregnant belly. Sometimes I felt so exhausted due to back pain in my older pregnancy but I kept going. Once again, I made it.

I decided to sell the same cookies again the year after I gave birth and finishing my course. This time, I got 17 boxes to make. Seriously, I have never been expected I will reach that number before. For me, that is a lot!

It was challenging because this time I have a baby who always crying every ten minutes and also I had to fulfil my tasks due to the final exam. At least, I had someone who helped me to look after my children while I was busy in the kitchen baking the cookies.

One night (yes, I usually baked cookies at night because I could do it peacefully without any intervention from the kids), when I scrolled on my phone while waiting for the cookies to finished, I felt the earth was shaking. I have to tell you since the earthquake hit Jogja in 2006, I be able to feel every single motion on earth by heart. Besides, I usually checked hanging lamps or water galon to justify.

It was shaking quite hard so that I ran into the room and waking up my hubby. However, fortunately, it was just a hasty earthquake and didn’t destructive at all. On the other late-night, when I tried to practice making buttercream flowers, I suddenly felt like I was being watched. Like… yeah… you know. I can’t describe it well but I am pretty sure you know what I am talking about.

While I kept looking at everything around me just in case “someone” was really there (haha), the feeling was not gone away after a few minutes. It was strange yet creepy feelings so that I threw all the equipment aside and ran into my room then sleep. LOL.

You know what, successfully sold a few boxes at a time is quite relieving for me. I think I will keep it small and slow because I don’t want to rush. I don’t lose time for myself either. I want to bake every time I want to. I want to “choose” who my customers are. I want to talk with some of them while hands over boxes full of buttery cookies. I want to share stories with them.

After moved back to Jakarta, I have been off from baking because of our home improvements that spent almost half of the year to finished (btw, it did not truly “finish” yet). Everything was a mess. I didn’t even know where my baking tools were nor I don’t know how to back to baking again with these two toddlers in my house haha!

Since I love the scent of butter spread all over the house, surely I would say: I definitely will be back to baking again.[]