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Random post a.k.a ora cetho blas

Grabbed from here. There were times when you want to post something to your blog but you didn’t know what to write. Zzz. So here I am, typing some words at fifteen to eleven PM alone, in front of a turned-off television (it is only on when the kids are “on”, btw). For me, life begins after ten PM. What am I gonna talk about? Hm. Oh well, I was wondering (or planning?) if someday I write a book. A book that, maybe not even exist in any section in book stores nor that interesting so people will buy it. But I want to. Really want to do it because…it has been my dream for ages, gosh. A book that I am gonna considered it as a gift for myself. It will picture almost everything draws in my life. It might be a reminder, a note, a memorable story, a poem from my journey, …a form of self-love. I have been in love with writings (and also blogging) for almost a decade ago. Been dreaming write my own book too since in college. But the thought of making this happen