A Day to Remember (About Self Love)

Malam ini (21 April 2018) sengaja pengen posting di blog bukan dalam rangka hari Kartini. Karena sebetulnya aku gak sadar kalo hari ini adalah 21 April. Waktu liat timeline Instagram dan Facebook banjir soal Hari Kartini, akhirnya baru ngeh, deh.

Yang mau kutulis ini juga gak bernada feminisme, sih. Because in some point, celebrating Kartini’s day and correlating it with feminism is overrated. Jadi, ya, cuma sekadar cerita ajalah, ya.

I don’t think beauty standard society gives us is quite obvious. I thought it was until I realized that beauty standard is something that has double sided perspectives. Maybe you are think the same way that beautiful is “normally” looks like someone who has fair skin, long hair and legs, symmetric nose and lips, curvy and huge boobs, and slender body.

But, no. In a world where beautiful is a something eye candy, we never ever get there—by all means—just with ourselves alone. And society will always have a way to repress and insult your confidence.

You know what, I was skinny when I was teenager. So damn skinny that everytime I met my mother’s friends they are all mostly said “you are so skinny blablabla”. They gave me advices to eat more, drink milk (which I really hate), and whatever so that I could gain some weight. For what? For they’re own sight. Because maybe I didn’t look good enough for them.

So if you are someone that have been through bullying because you are have big size body and think that someone who has lighter body than you is consider as lucky and beautiful, then you are wrong. Nothing and no one could ever pleased people in this entire world. We tend to always have “flaws” no matter how “good” we are.

Need an example? Go browse Instagram.

You may find millions examples. You may find someone named Dijjah Yellow. Or Raissa6690. Or Oki Setiana Dewi. And you will find dozens people who bad mouthing on them.


And vice versa. You good, they blame. You bad, they blame harder. And the most pathetic point is the persons who give rude comments is mostly women. I don’t know wheter it’s because women couldn’t hold their words rather than men, or because they don’t mind to stop by and leave comments. IDK.

All they can do is just blaming. That’s why one of the first lessons parents had to give to their children is self love. Parents have to support and encourage until “the roots” inside grows stronger. So that when they are facing the (rude) world, they don’t mind about what’s people might be thinking. Because what important is o the inside. Self worth. Self esteem. Self awareness.

Self love.

Let’s celebrate self love on this (Kartini’s) day.[]