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A Sisyphus in Each of Us: a movie review of “The Pursuit of Happyness”

Disclaimer: this post was written as my last assignment for the "Cross-Cultural Understanding" subject on my English Extension Course, Sanata Dharma University. Well, yeah, kind of "urik" because I just still can't find a time for writing a blog post. But speaking of which, I made an A grade for the subject. Wohoooo!! So, enjoy my piece. :) There are not many good movies I know. For a non-movie freak, all I know is only Forrest Gump and Radio . Both are perspective-changing movies and made me burst into cry. I already heard about The Pursuit of Happyness (PH), but I did not take it seriously before as a must-have watch movie. One thing a movie considered as a good one is when it doesn’t fulfil our expectations and gives us a totally different angle from an ordinary story. It is called twist. And PH has them both. A man named Chris lives in San Fransisco with his wife and a son. He is a salesman of a bone checker device which its weight equals wi