A Cinderella (Failed) Life Tale: Behind Closed Doors book review

This book remind us the gratitude of something we often took for granted: freedom.

What is in your mind when it comes to “perfect marriage”? Is it a romantic and exclusive wedding party in Maldives? Or a couple who always look happily with their life?

Jack Angel, a known lawyer finally found a true soulmate for himself. Grace, is a lucky woman who are single fighter to her own sister with down syndrome, seems appear to completed Jack’s life. And they lived happily ever after.

No. Wait.

It is not difficult to see that Grace has it all. A gorgeous, rich and romantic husband with a life which she took for granted. But what people don’t know is something could be happened behind closed doors. She could be endure a painful life behind her warm smile.

This book is showing something that actually happen near us. Marriage—no matter how perfect it looked—it is something privately hidden. Unfortunately, for some people, they can not run away from a bad, torturing and toxic marriage. Because there is how the way the suspect tide their spouse with abusive behavior so that they become very dependent.

For example, financially abuse. Someone could be very villain to their spouse that they manage to gives only a tiny amount of money or even totally stop the cash flow. This abusive behavior claimed the worst can be happen in someone’s life. Moreover, if you are isolated from outside world. A nightmare become real. Just imagine someone that has to spend her life forever in such circumstance.

Even tough I doubted whether it’s thriller or drama, I can’t help myself to continue reading. The pace was quite slow in the beginning and started to rolling after. A worth piece to read.[]

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