The Girl on The Train--book review

I am currently addicted to thriller novels. The book I recently finished to read was The Girl on the Train (TGT). This is the second book after The Husband’s Secret. And I would like to have another one like them.

What I love about thriller novel is the fast pace, the twists and that kind of something that could make me read near couple hundreds page in a day. It made me wondered about how the story would be ended, thinking whether who the suspect is, and how did the murdered happen. It is filled up my mind all day long.

So TGT basically is a story about a murdered of a charming lady, Megan Hipwell, a wife to Scott Hipwell. She founded died mysteriously burry in an awful condition during rainy days. Meanwhile, Rachel Watson, a woman who struggles with her alcoholic issue, claimed that she knows something about Megan which could be helped the investigation through her death.

The interesting point is, Rachel was recognized Megan because their house—Megan and Scott—is right on the side of the train’s track she travelled by every single day. Well, it is creepy rather than interesting, actually. Who wants to be peeked by a totally stranger from afar and knows your house by heart—inside and out? That’s creepy.

Even though at first Rachel was only stared at her former house—which now was lived by her ex husband with his new wife. That former house is just few houses away from Megan’s. Rachel usually peeked the house (from the lawn until the kitchen inside) from the place she sat. It was such a guilty pleasure because it gives her comfort. And the guilty pleasure leads her to something big and unexpectable.

I knew that this book has been adapted into a movie. Maybe someday I could get a copy of that and figure it out whether it goes in line with the book or not. But whatever it is, I can tell you that I was so satisfied with the book. Just like what I stated earlier, it made me read almost two hundred pages just in one day.

Should I say something more about page turning book?[]

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