Love is On Our Menu

I want a chocolate. A big shiny bar with your lips flavour in it.
I want a chocolate and a cake. A fluffy slice contains your hugs in our bed.

I want a tea, bitter but lighter.
I said I wanted stargazing sometime. So that I could slipped my hands into your arms.
I would drive you home, even if it's two hours long.

I want our wit talk never end. About your favorite places, your favorite authors. About the way you love me. About how I would spend the rest of my life.
Then you pretended asleep. The room filled with laughs and tickles.

I want a small cotton candy. A blue one with a mustache grip. We'd shared and talked with our mouth full.
I want an ice cream. A warm one that could melted my ex's heart.
I want something tasty. Like your cheesy jokes when we were first met.

Like your hopeful song you wrote for me dearly.[]

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