I have nothing in my mind about sexual harassment at the workplace, until one day while I was working and had a job conversation with a designer guy in his desk, this man passed through. He gave me that look, to my lower part, and said passionately: nice butt.

I was so angry and gave him a silent treatment--which was a hell for him because he had to do some confirmation about work with me. He asked for an apologized at last. And little did I know later that he was doing it too to some women employee back on. He also spanked one of them. I bet he must go to our HRD if he did it to me.

On another occasion, when I already moved to my new office, I used to join in teamwork to participated in a certain national exhibition. Later on, I resigned due to my fragile second pregnancy. And this middle-age man (who were a member of the team I've mentioned above), suddenly message me. We were talking blablabla and he ended with a request for my picture. Yes, you-know-what-I-mean f***ing picture.

Talking about another thing, I am not the kind of person who gets acquaintance when a man stares on my chest. I know some women were proud of it--so damn proud--but not with me. I feel not comfortable with this kind of look. Moreover when it comes from a woman--maybe she stares on my beautiful necklace?

It also happened one very hot day when I was wearing a tank WITH AN OUTER. Those guys gave me a look as if I was f***ing naked. One of them turned his head in a point of fact that he was on a ride.

If you think this matter of problems came from my attitude or the way I dressed up, then you are biased.

If you can not differentiate which one a jerk and which one who are do something only by how others drive them, then I should consider you as bias.

If you advise me to cover my body head to toe because you might think it would save me from any damage, then you may never hear that sexual harassment also happens in Saudi.

You can not judge someone and simplify it as it was women's fault. We can not let this always happen until we heard it from our daughter. We should speak. We should stop thinking that women are deserve something bad.

I do believe that being in bias circumstances is uncomfortable. Because I have been there.

Because #MeToo.[]

*picture was grabbed from here.