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I had nothing in my mind about sexual harassment at the workplace, until one day while I was working and had a job conversation with a designer guy at his desk, this man passed through. He gave me that look, to my lower part, and said passionately: nice butt. I was so angry and gave him a silent treatment--which was hell for him because he had to do some tasks with me. He asked for an apology at last. And little did I know he did it too to some women colleagues back then. He also spanked one of them. I bet he had to face our HRD if he did it to me. On another occasion, when I already moved to my new office , I used to join a team to participate in a national exhibition. Later on, I resigned due to my fragile second pregnancy. And this middle-aged man (who were a member of the team I've mentioned above), suddenly messaged me. At first, we were talking blablabla and at the end, he asked for my picture. Yes, you-know-what-I-mean f***ing picture. If we want to talk abo