Secret and Truth (The Husband's Secret book review)

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"Did you really think we're going to have a baby now and live happily ever after?" said Tess. "A baby doesn't fix a marriage. Not that I even know my marriage needs fixing."-page 538, E-book version.

Okay. First thing before I talk about this book is that I read The Husband's Secret (THS) in e-book format. Actually I was trying to buy e-books because of: 1) it is convenient. E-books allows me to read anytime and anywhere.

You can do it with printed book, can't you?

No. For me right now, no. Now that my time much spend on breastfeeding my son, no, I can't always bring the book while I'm feeding him. I was trying and... yeah, it's kinda troublesome.

And 2) it's price. So damn cheap. Gosh. I'm gonna post a small talk about this later, promise.  

So after I bought some books (I was bought about ten books at first!), I feel it was fun and easy. The E-pub(lish) application very helpful also. So...yeah. You might be trying it too. I chose this book because I was curious with some recommended thriller books on Goodreads.

I was picking The Girl on the Train and ended up picked this book too. It was a page turner book, by the way. You won't find any difficulties even if your English is not that good. The author's way leading her readers is somehow smooth and I can consider it that she makes her grade.

About the point of the story itself, THS told us about man-woman relationship in the marriage frame. There were not less than three main characters whose their marriage life were about to damaged. One thing could truly effect to a marriage is truth matter. And those three women were struggling to defense their marriage--for good, for the future, for...revenge.

The story began when Cecillia found a letter from her husband, Paul-Patrick. It could be an ordinary-romantic letter until she read his hand written on the map. He wanted her to read it at the day he died.

Which, he still alive until she found the letter. What did his aim to wrote the letter? Why is it feel so mysterious in someway? Did Paul-Patrick hide a secret? Is it a deep secret so he had to hide from his wife--a person who have been accompanied him for years?

It was thrilling to find out someone's secret. Because, yeah, we often covered so many lies in life. We tend to show good sides of our life--only the good ones. So when we reveal what's lie within... we usually disappointed. Sounds familiar? That's why I fully agree with Dalai Lama once said: live without expectations.

Well, since I won't give any synopsis about the book, here I throw a hint:

There are so many secrets about our lives we never know.-page 646 E-book version.[]


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