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Lesson learned: why ASI booster never works on me

Punya anak ketiga membuat saya makin mempersiapkan diri untuk (((menyongsong))) masa menyusui. Berharap masa menyusui kali ini akan jauh lebih lancar-aman-terkendali macem arus mudik. Because, both my first and second child are I considered as breastfeed failed back then. Chiya, hanya menyusui sampai usia enam bulan saja. Waktu itu sempat berkali-kali nursing strike which, I didn’t notice and never did something to make it better. Stupid me, yes I know. Puncaknya, dia nursing strike for the whole night and totally refused to breastfeed. I prayed we were still alive when the dawn breaking. (Lebaynyaaaa ga kira-kira.) I did pump breastmilk, with a simple device look like a horn. It was seriously painful, by the way. Since Chiya never likes milk, yes, she also refused it. At last, she drank milk only less than sixty millilitres a day until she was two or three. And she never finished it off. Sementara Levi, di usia dua bulan sempat (((dioplos))) susu formula. Direct breastfeed