It's All About the Money, Money, Money

Kok akuh tersinggung, ya? Kamu?

I was scrolling my Instagram account as I looked for anything cute to buy. Yes, anything. I would buy a nice blouse or outerwear or a pair of nice flips, you named it. I will buy it. After gave “love” tags to some pictures here and there, I moved to my virtual bank account to check whether it is quite enough to buy one or two stuff. There, the moment I saw the number blurry.

Gasp, I was broke.

My money just enough to pay the admission fee next month. No nice blouse nor a cute flips. And I turned pale. Where did all my money go? Yes, where ALL OF THEM? Is there anyone stolen my money?

The other day, I started to “investigate” through transaction history. And I found out I was a spendthrift the whole month. Not to mention months before, because I can check the history of the current month only. So, it was me who stolen my own? Wow. I mean W-O-W.

Well, I wasn’t a rich girl who has billions on my account. But spending those amount for only a month still terrified me. Then I took a note and listed down every single payment I’ve done. After that, I tried to figure it out what did I spend on. It took me forever to remember, by the way.

It such a hit on my face. I feel disappointed because of my own self. I lose all of my money, I didn’t have any for savings and of course I have to hiatus from shopping and all until I-don’t-know-when. Sigh.

Anyway, the stuff I’ve bought is (as you can guess) around clothes and makeups. Oh, there also several clothes for my kids but it is not comparable to the numbers I had. So I dragged them out and count. Yes, they were so many. I even forgot I have a new black blouse—which I almost wanted to buy it AGAIN. Oh, and that lipstick too. How can I pick that bright red shade which I never like?

I could hear my evil self laughing out there.

I bet you, woman,—yes, I’m pointing at you, YOU—ever experiencing this too. You bought a blouse which you already had in your closet. Or you let a pair of pointed shoes with 7 centimetres heels on the box until your feet getting bigger. Or a tube of serum until it reaches the date of expired. Or went to the coffee shop twice a week with the same old apology: you need a proper treatment to relieve your premenstrual syndrome.

For some people, all those unused stuff can be thrown away to a garage sale. You can resell them and it turns out to be money again. But how much money you can get? Preloved stuff usually sold at ten to fifty per cent cheaper from the original price. Furthermore, it takes some time until all the stuff is sold. Not to mention the space you need to keep them all.

I agree about the point that we have the rights to indulge our self anytime. But spending too much money and too many times self-treatment is not acceptable. It’s an apology and we often denial about this.

Well, I don’t want this to happen again to me. So from that moment, before I buy something unnecessary—it’s usually clothes or anything but tempting enough—I always have myself run to the closet to check whether I really need it or not.

Since I prefer minimalist fashion style, I don’t need so many kinds of clothes. It’s usually monochrome in color and simply nice in style. And I want all the clothes to rejuvenate only once in three or four years. One thing to notice, the clothes have to be good in quality so it will be live longer. It doesn’t require any brand, but make sure it’s really made fine.

I even have one black sweater that I’ve bought in 2009 with my first salary. Yes, it’s been eight years. But it’s still in shape, not faded a bit (still deep black just as I bought it for the first time) and IT’S NOT A BRANDED STUFF. But it’s not cheap tho. When I touched it, I could feel it’s a good quality knit sweater. And it is.

It’s also applied to make up things. I have a foundation which I wear on a daily basis. It’s a foundation with serum and it’s so good. I even don’t need to wear face powder anymore. And yes, it’s a foundation from a branded cosmetic. It’s better before you buy a cosmetic to try the tester on you to find out whether it’s good or if you have an allergic on it. And don’t forget about lipstick. Don’t buy it if you don’t really like it.

So it’s better to buy something good with the finest quality. But first, make sure you really need it. I know how tempting all the cute clothes on Instagram. And how hard it is to keep yourself straight on—and maybe you surrender many times. If you need, list down all the clothes you have and try to figure it out what kind of clothes you still need to buy. You also can try to mix and match to find out. For example, if you already have three pieces of jacket, then skip all the jacket sections.

Now, I feel way more relax when I take a look at my closet. Declutter also very helping when you want to eliminate unused clothes. I feel have no problems if I have to wear those kinds of clothes over and over. I can match them and the important point is I feel comfortable with it. No big deal.[]

(*credit pict from here)