A Story about Wounds

The broken watch

There’s saying “there's always the first time for everything”. So I have had my first accident about a month ago. A very first time because I was riding alone, as usual, go to the campus. Someone cut my way ahead, at a very fast speed. In a blink of an eye, suddenly I fell down. I can’t remember the single things how could that happened. Or like, did I bump into another vehicle toward me? All I can remember is: after I try to get up (actually I only sat down because I couldn’t move my body, it was hurt all over), I saw my motorcycle had been standing up straight about ten meters away—with my flat shoes too. Wow. Did I fly away?
Some people considered to stop by and helped me. Thanks to everyone out there. Then I could see some wounds in my toe and my shoulder (from my tore cloth). A deep-red wounds. Later, I found out that I fell down to my right side because all the wounds are along the right arm and leg. At that time, I was puzzled by the fact I had my own accident. This is an accident. And also, I’m scared as I was carrying a tiny baby inside. Everything popped out of my mind on that sunny Monday.
Then, someone asked me whether I could move to the left side of the road since I’m quite in the middle and made some traffic. But no. I barely moved. Then I realized I was also hardly breathing because my chest is so hurt. So damn painful that I can’t even move. As I sat down and trying hard to breathe normally—which made me speak stammer—there was someone with a pick-up car who would take me to the hospital. Some people had to carry me to the car.
Before we went, someone asked me if there's a person that he can call for me. Thank God, I was healthy enough to remember my husband’s phone number. The hospital isn’t far away from the accident spot. I was crashed on Jalan Janti to the Jalan Solo, and the hospital (Hardjolukito) is just about a kilometre away in the opposite way. As we arrived, I directed to the Emergency Room (ER) and had some first aid. Even when the nurses gave me oxygen, I still hardly breathe. I started to cry because of the pain inside my chest. I quite didn’t care when they started to tear away my cloth and my jeans to swipe all the wounds with the medicine.
When my husband came up with the kids (he was about to take my daughter to the course), I felt a little bit calm down. That day my father arrived from Jakarta planned to have some vacation here. Well, that was the plan beforehand. When he was calling that he can’t be picked up at the station because I had an accident, he wants to go after to check on me. Yes, everything on planned was dispersing.
But somehow, I have some lessons through this.
I won’t let myself insist on driving alone anymore. At least with this pregnancy.
I thanked that I had no serious injury. No broken bones. No cracked on head. No wounds on eyes and face. Well, some wounds are deep and took more than couple weeks to heals (it took sixteen days for me to step on my right feet and started a single walk), but still, I thanked.
I am grateful for the baby inside. Compare with my previous pregnancy which was so frail, this time mine is stronger and don’t need any special treatment. And (s)he has proven it through the accident.
Another thing is, even I fell down in the middle of the roadway, there was no other person who bumped into me and vice versa. My helmet was still on my head and I didn’t strike down by my motorcycle. Is a miracle, isn’t it?
Thanks to my husband and my father’s support along the time until I can do everything again. Thanks to my brother and sister-in-law who tried to drop by just only for a night, to my mother-in-law who insisted to come (and brought some family with a midibus vehicle wkwkwkwk) and had a night in my super tiny house, and my big family. Thank also to those who came and everyone who pray for me.
Well, you are maybe don’t know the essence of being healthy until you were in a wheelchair or just lie down throughout the day. Or be a dependant on another person. Relying on all of your life out of yourself could make you more belief in yourself. Sometimes, the spirit inside of you become bigger and cannot be tame when you can’t do anything. You’re trying hard day by day to prove it. Because you know you can.
The kindnesses from some people I don’t recognize also make me believe there’s still a lot of generosity you can find everywhere. Let’s pay it forward. :) []