Westlife. My teenage life.

Favorit saya dulu itu yang tengah hihihihi (picture from here)

 Do you know Westlife? Yes, a boyband that established on 1990ish from Ireland. Still remember their names? Let me try, haha! There are Shane, Brian, Mark, Nicky and... Keenan? (Okay, it's should be Kian--after Googled--sorry, Kian.) If you're an 90ish generation, you must be recognize them well. No matter you like them or not, LOL.

Me, at that era, so keen on them. I bought every magazines that showed their photos on the cover. Or pin ups, posters, gossips,... everything touchable (remember, internet at the time only for MIRC-ing). You only can see their face only on magazines photos, no Instagram dude! Ah, or on MTV.

On 2001, Westlife made a world tour and came to Jakarta. I remember the show started at night. A friend of mine (who afford enough to bought the ticket), changed her uniform into a casual one so quickly and went with her driver to the concert. I don't know what came into my mind that I gave my pocket camera to her before she go. I said: please take some pictures for me. HAHAHAHAAAA... *with puppy eyes*

And she made it. She took some pictures from the concert. So many pictures. But...since my camera is not DSLR, neither good enough to taking pictures from away, so almost of them are black, dark with some spotty lights and blurry. Don't ask me where's the photos right now, haha!

I have to admit, Westlife has built my teen life with a lot of love songs. And maybe another million girls else does. They made us scream, taught us singing in English, made us searching where is Ireland on the map, made us excite to watching behind the scene videos, and made us always waiting for the new songs.

By the way, still remember this song?[]