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Westlife. My teenage life.

Favorit saya dulu itu yang tengah hihihihi (picture from here )  Do you know Westlife? Yes, a boyband that established on 1990ish from Ireland. Still remember their names? Let me try, haha! There are Shane, Brian, Mark, Nicky and... Keenan? (Okay, it's should be Kian--after Googled--sorry, Kian.) If you're an 90ish generation, you must be recognize them well. No matter you like them or not, LOL. Me, at that era, so keen on them. I bought every magazines that showed their photos on the cover. Or pin ups, posters, gossips,... everything touchable (remember, internet at the time only for MIRC-ing). You only can see their face only on magazines photos, no Instagram dude! Ah, or on MTV. On 2001, Westlife made a world tour and came to Jakarta. I remember the show started at night. A friend of mine (who afford enough to bought the ticket), changed her uniform into a casual one so quickly and went with her driver to the concert. I don't know what came into my mind tha