Sleepy head says...

(picture from here)

My current favorite thing is bedtime with the kids (hellaw all the sleepy heads out there!). I love being on the bed with a clean and neat sheet, and of course laying-laughing with them. Yes, the bed should be clean and the sheet should be neat--with a little pull here and there. 
I feel so peacefully that way.

But this (sleeping with two kids beside me) won't happen if my husband is at home. Our bedtime formerly is separated and take much time longer because we have to wait for him arrived home (having his dinner and take a bath). If lucky, he could join us and have a little time together.

Without their father, I can manage the bedtime earlier. But first, I have to make sure my daughter's homework has finished and ask her to brush her teeth quickly. Then make the bed and get some bottles of milk for the boy. So the bedtime is still around thirty past eight, or at nine on the weekend.

When two kids sleeping aside, it takes some time to fall asleep. Because they still have to talk, talk, talk and laugh. And oh, some sings to song. If I am really tired, I can leave them still talking beside me. I found them still talking when I'm awake. XD

Last night, when the light has been switched for the sleep tone light and everybody was ready to sleep, we were still talking. Chiya talking a lot about her teacher who teaches math (confusingly). I couldn't truly listen to her since the baby made noisy sounds too X)) Well, actually he's not only blabbering but kinda want to make a conversation with us. A conversation that only he and God would understand. You should see his face so you know why we can't help ourselves from laughing.

Can I say now that our bedtime is the best part of the entire day?[]