In search of our "second home"

(Picture from here)

My family had a plan to move to Jogja this year. My husband and I are trying (quite hard--LOL) to find a house to rent. Since his letter of acceptance is out, we're still haven't find the house yet--the house we desire most. Whereas, we just need a small house with a proper kitchen, a garage, fence (for the sake of toddler's security), and... not too expensive. Nor too cheap. We have some budgets that maybe not be as high as other families do. Somehow we optimist we can find a proper home we've been dreaming of. Since the properties rate in this small city is approach as expensive as Jakarta, we understand how much to put our standard.

I have to say, Jogja is changing a lot. Some areas have become more populous. Hundreds of motorcycles are everywhere. Traffic jam makes you insane. I never find our self out of the parking lot until we visited campus last year. Thus, you can find hotels and apartments on every single main street. Compare to five years backwards, Jogja has so many modern places and has become more urban.

In 2006, we rented a small house in north Jogja only for IDR 3 million/year (yes, that cheap!). When we moved to Kotagede, we were rented a house still around that number. Plus with a huge (but old) house, some space to play balls and catch dragonflies in the backyard, also located in the main street of Kotagede. Both the house ain't new minimalism houses. But that houses are just fine, worth living even there's should be some improvement. Right now, we have to spend at least two-three times more expensive to rent the same house.

Some houses we found are truly beautiful but almost all of them reach teeny to twenty million. Which is over budget. Some of them are only nine to twelve, but they don't have a kitchen and provides water from a watery company. Since we had some bad memories of the water, we put them at the bottom of our list. Otherwise, if they have the kitchen and water, sometimes they don't have a garage. Or the location is quite far. Or doesn't have fences. Yes, we've been searching that much :')

Well, searching for a house to live is just like searching for a soulmate. Once you find them, they will be yours no matter what. If you're wondering when is the right time for us, it's also God secret. We just have to keep on trying. So, wish us luck![]