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Tentang "Ganti Baju"

Sejak pertama ngeblog, saya udah suka banget sama persoalan cari desain theme atau template. Blog dengan template yang cantik dan neat buat saya bikin betah baca dan blogwalking . Masalahnya kan susah ya cari template cakep tapi gratis, HAHAHAHA. Kalo googling dengan keyword " free blogger template" biasanya yang muncul itu desainnya standar banget. Too flat . Plain . Gak caem babar blas. Saya dulu sempet juga ganti template yang desainnya terlalu crowd . Sementara sekarang lebih prefer yang neat , minimalis dan maksimal dua kolom saja. Saya yakin para blogger juga kerap bosenan sama tampilan blognya. Nah, tempo hari pas lagi pengen "ganti baju" alias cari template baru, saya hunting lagi. Tentu lewat jalur googling dan juga cari yang free. *tetep* Beberapa kali unduh sejumlah desain yang menurut saya bagus, eh pas dicobain kok yo gak pas. Masalah utamanya menurut saya adalah desain template -nya gak sesuai dengan konten blog

Movie Review: Moana

  (Pict from here ) Sudah nonton Moana, belum? Saya sudah nonton waktu masih awal launching. Tumben sih, soalnya waktu itu gak ada agenda weekend lainnya. Karena Chiya sudah beli bukunya sejak filmnya belum diputar, kami sudah dapet spoiler deh. Walau ikutan baca bukunya (meski tak sampai habis), filmnya tetap gak mengecewakan, kok. Mari saya ceritakan. Moana ini adalah proyek film anak-anak karya rumah produksi besar, Disney. Disney kadang memproduksi film anak-anak yang menurut saya gak terlalu anak-anak. Well, ini sih subyektif, ya. Misalnya, The Croods yang menghadirkan sosok anak lelaki yang too obvious to see bahwa dia ditaksir—atau, diidolakan lah—sama anak perempuannya Crood. Falling in love is human, but I think those scene shouldn’t be put in kids movie.   Minimal di film remaja, deh. Alasan ini yang kadang bikin males ngajak Chiya nonton film-film tema princess. Selain parno sama Cinderella complex, sih. Selain itu, film anak-anaknya pun kebanyakan girl or female

A Story about Wounds

The broken watch There’s saying “there's always the first time for everything”. So I have had my first accident about a month ago. A very first time because I was riding alone, as usual, go to the campus. Someone cut my way ahead, at a very fast speed. In a blink of an eye, suddenly I fell down. I can’t remember the single things how could that happened. Or like, did I bump into another vehicle toward me? All I can remember is: after I try to get up (actually I only sat down because I couldn’t move my body, it was hurt all over), I saw my motorcycle had been standing up straight about ten meters away—with my flat shoes too. Wow. Did I fly away?   Some people considered to stop by and helped me. Thanks to everyone out there. Then I could see some wounds in my toe and my shoulder (from my tore cloth). A deep-red wounds. Later, I found out that I fell down to my right side because all the wounds are along the right arm and leg. At that time, I was puzzled by the fact I had my

(Bukan) tinjauan buku Intelegensi Embun Pagi

Orang mah foto buku masih mulus, ini udah kriwil, pembatas buku lecek pulak.   Apa yang saya tulis ini mungkin ada unsur bocoran isi buku Intelegensi Embun Pagi (IEP). Tapi saya tidak sepenuhnya mau mengulas isi IEP apalagi membuat review panjang Supernova. Monggo dibaca sendiri saja (sambil menikmati ekstasenya). Yang mau saya ungkap di sini adalah beberapa keriaan yang saya alami selama membaca IEP (which is less than 48 hours--baca buku apa semedi, Buuuu?). Emang keriaan macem apa, sih? Pada Supernova, saya paling menikmati plot cerita yang dibuat jenaka. Makanya paling suka sama Petir. Di IEP, ada beberapa plot jenaka yang--well--lumayan jadi gak tegang karena nungguin klimaks dan endingnya. Selain itu, di IEP semua figur hadir (oh, gak SEMUANYA juga, sih). Macem reuni gitu ya, Kaaak? *lirik judes ke Gio dan Zarah* Karena semua hadir, rasanya mudah sekali untuk komparasi karakter mereka satu persatu. Lalu memilih satu di antaranya untuk dijadikan #teamsiapagitu. Iya, lh

Westlife. My teenage life.

Favorit saya dulu itu yang tengah hihihihi (picture from here )  Do you know Westlife? Yes, a boyband that established on 1990ish from Ireland. Still remember their names? Let me try, haha! There are Shane, Brian, Mark, Nicky and... Keenan? (Okay, it's should be Kian--after Googled--sorry, Kian.) If you're an 90ish generation, you must be recognize them well. No matter you like them or not, LOL. Me, at that era, so keen on them. I bought every magazines that showed their photos on the cover. Or pin ups, posters, gossips,... everything touchable (remember, internet at the time only for MIRC-ing). You only can see their face only on magazines photos, no Instagram dude! Ah, or on MTV. On 2001, Westlife made a world tour and came to Jakarta. I remember the show started at night. A friend of mine (who afford enough to bought the ticket), changed her uniform into a casual one so quickly and went with her driver to the concert. I don't know what came into my mind tha

Parenting Quote

"Don't treat your child as they are children of all time."

In search of our "second home"

  (Picture from here ) My family had a plan to move to Jogja this year. My husband and I are trying (quite hard--LOL) to find a house to rent. Since his letter of acceptance is out, we're still haven't find the house yet--the house we desire most. Whereas, we just need a small house with a proper kitchen, a garage, fence (for the sake of toddler's security), and... not too expensive. Nor too cheap. We have some budgets that maybe not be as high as other families do. Somehow we optimist we can find a proper home we've been dreaming of. Since the properties rate in this small city is approach as expensive as Jakarta, we understand how much to put our standard. I have to say, Jogja is changing a lot. Some areas have become more populous. Hundreds of motorcycles are everywhere. Traffic jam makes you insane. I never find our self out of the parking lot until we visited campus last year. Thus, you can find hotels and apartments on every single main street. Compare t

Sleepy head says...

(picture from here ) My current favorite thing is bedtime with the kids (hellaw all the sleepy heads out there!). I love being on the bed with a clean and neat sheet, and of course laying-laughing with them. Yes, the bed should be clean and the sheet should be neat--with a little pull here and there.  I feel so peacefully that way. But this (sleeping with two kids beside me) won't happen if my husband is at home. Our bedtime formerly is separated and take much time longer because we have to wait for him arrived home (having his dinner and take a bath). If lucky, he could join us and have a little time together. Without their father, I can manage the bedtime earlier. But first, I have to make sure my daughter's homework has finished and ask her to brush her teeth quickly. Then make the bed and get some bottles of milk for the boy. So the bedtime is still around thirty past eight, or at nine on the weekend. When two kids sleeping aside, it takes some time to