Test Pack: rethinking about marriage

I just bought Test Pack (a novel by Ninit Yunita) last Saturday (a few months ago, actually). Well, it was an accident means I didn't have any intention to buy any books at that time. We went to the book store and I just couldn't resist a (guilty) pleasure inside me. Why guilty? Because that time I was broke. Eerrrr…

In short, I was amazed by the way Ninit describing marriage things. I’ve been read some novels with the same big theme, but I have to confess that THIS ONE IS REALLY AWESOME. To mention some: the plot she built is good, the characters are well-written, for me, she succeed to choose a simple story with a good point of view, and the most important one is she makes a smooth start so you just can’t stop reading until you’ve finished it. Yes, a page-turner!

It’s quite difficult to make a story about marriage and explain the things precisely. So far I like how Tatyana tells about marriage thingy on her book(s), especially Jakarta Kafe, my favorite. She’s not only capturing marriage from one side (communication and clash between husband and wife), but she’s also exploring how a marriage can be seen in many ways. In this case, Ninit style reminds me of Tatyana. The difference is: Ninit wrote it on a novel and make it all simply to be understood. So, here’s the synopsis.

Kakang (Rahmat Natadi) and Tata (Ardita Natadi) are a husband and wife who married for seven years and still didn’t have a baby yet. Tata getting frustrated when her friends and people surround her become menacingly her feelings about their marriage. Personally, they don’t have any problems with each other, until they decided to go to the gynaecologist and found out that Kakang couldn’t make Tata pregnant a.k.a infertile. Another problem is when Kakang didn’t tell Tata about this until Tata caught the result by herself. Tata found that Kakang try to lie to her and she feels that she was the only one who wants a baby so bad.

Tata can’t keep her temper and they’re fighting again and again. Suddenly Tata decided to go back to her parents because she thinks she can‘t living her life up with a liar like Kakang. In the other side, Kakang trying hard to convince Tata that he wants a baby too and didn’t want to hurt her feelings about the medical result. When Tata melt and call her husband, then another problem comes up. Will they save their marriage? You better found yourself :)

Test Pack just reminds us, what if we have to face up that situation? It also makes me wonder too: what love is all about? If love is about marriage, then what is LOVE in marriage? What would you do, if you've been in a marriage for seven years and still waiting for a child to come? You’ve been trying together until it's time to check up yourself whether you're infertile or not. Then, a result comes up. Your husband is infertile. That makes you disappointed. And you are fighting almost every single day. 

Or for another example: you've just caught your husband cheating on you (for too many times). Or he's not gorgeous anymore (million handsome guys out here, sweetie). Or he can't afford to buy you a big diamond just like what you ask for.  Or his joking is no longer funny for you.

For anything it is, will you accept him again? Will you fight for this marriage? Again?[]


  1. Wow.. The book looks interesting :D

    To me, LOVE is a need. LOVE is the soul of marriage. And to me, an affair is not tolerable since TRUST the faith of a marriage, but being old (not gorgeous) or poverty (can't afford to buy things)are the matter of time. These are flavors of a journey. How we face it is the way we proof the strength of our love :)

  2. @ Rani: you should read it, then. Beneran deh, novel Test Pack ini sedikit-banyak memberi beberapa perspektif baru yang bagiku selama ini: menikah adalah hal yang "taken for granted". :)


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