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Test Pack: rethinking about marriage

I just bought Test Pack (a novel by Ninit Yunita) last Saturday (a few months ago, actually). Well, it was an accident means I didn't have any intention to buy any books at that time. We went to the book store and I just couldn't resist a (guilty) pleasure inside me. Why guilty? Because that time I was broke. Eerrrr… In short, I was amazed by the way Ninit describing marriage things. I’ve been read some novels with the same big theme, but I have to confess that THIS ONE IS REALLY AWESOME. To mention some: the plot she built is good, the characters are well-written, for me, she succeed to choose a simple story with a good point of view, and the most important one is she makes a smooth start so you just can’t stop reading until you’ve finished it. Yes, a page-turner! It’s quite difficult to make a story about marriage and explain the things precisely. So far I like how Tatyana tells about marriage thingy on her book(s), especially Jakarta Kafe