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In Love With Your Past

When people say: let's forget about the past!, that is the time I want to know about your past deeper than ever. I want to be in love with it, cherish the moments: befriend with it. With that being said, I want to be a part of your story. But let me tell you that I don't want to be anyone special. Please choose your favorite person and come back to tell me the whole story. I'd love to hear it. We do have different paths, maybe different time zone too. But the moon will always comes up after the sunset and it won't change.[]

Gravity Hangover

I don't know how to recover from the hangover caused by our last conversation. I feel like an astronaut who is just back to earth: fighting with gravity. My legs told me to stand up straight but my brain was confused and gave all my weight to the ground. I always choose to fall. I know I don't have wings, but I know I've been flying. I know that I had to step on the ground, but I just can't. We could laugh over ice cream then cry over a birthday cake. Have I ever told you that one day, I couldn't recall how  I left that place? I've been trying to remember but I failed. It's weird because it's been with me for almost five years long. I knew it by heart. When you could share your trauma without crying is considered a part of healing, can I call myself healed when I literary forgot how the trauma hit me? If the answer is yes , then why sometimes do I still see myself unworthy? Why do I still have those anxieties? I have so many anxieties. I feel anxious whe

Oh, look! The moon...

Have you ever listened to a certain song that reminds you that beautiful things exist? Have you ever wanted to cry so bad but you didn't find any good reason to do it? Have you read a good line in a book but you just crying instead because you know that a good thing like that won't happen to you? Have you ever wanted to give up but here you are, surviving? Have you ever sent a pretty bouquet but refuse to receive one because you feel you don't deserve it? Have you ever wanted to leave but you don't have any place to escape? Have you ever felt you lose hope for one time in life and you know you won't find it in any prayer? For one time in life, you want to lift everything up.[] here, 7 August 2021


I want to say sorry, for myself. Sorry, that you have to face the reality. You are alone and that person no longer exists. The time she asked me who is the person on my mind that pops out when I have to imagine I'm on a hot, dry desert, and I run out of water and food, there's a place covered with trees, looks so comfortable for a rest. Who is someone that might be there? I see that person. And that person only. It is good to have someone that always has your back and who exists  for you. But, no. Sorry.[]


I let you came into my life recently. It wasn't planned. I never had a plan to meet someone like you. But I gave you some space inside. I welcome you and you stay respectfully. I let you tell your story. Your life, your struggle, the way you coped with those... everything. I was touched by the way you survive back then. It is a beautiful story of yours that cherish me and feels so empowering. I feel encouraged. But then you suddenly quiet. You want to hear my story. I said: no. I love to hear yours and yours only. You said: what's the point of loving my story if you can't embrace yours? What's the point spend your time listening to me carefully if you don't listen to yourself alone? You already know my story, it is indeed painfully terrifying but I made it. I know you still have some issues. I'm here all ears. I don't think I need to share mine because I don't need people to feel empathetic towards me. But you said it wasn't the problem. You said, yo

Retno dan Senyumnya yang Pudar

"Mbak, ayo temenin gue." "Aduh. Lagi?" "Iya. Abis, mo gimana? Retno udah mohon-mohon banget, nih." Di situlah kemudian kami berdua , d i pojokan lapangan mungil yang gelap dan muram dekat toko kelontong kecil. Satu-satunya sumber cahaya adalah dari toko kelontong itu. "Lama gak kira-kira?" Aku bertanya sebab rasa dahaga mulai menggangguku. Bagaimana tidak haus jika kau berdiri dan berbincang sambil berdiri cukup lama ? "Retno bilang tadi cuma sebentar aja. Yang penting Aa Hasan sudah tenang." "Itu dia beneran bawa pisau?" Aku melirik toko kelontong yang mulai diturunkan separuh rolling door -nya. Jelas saat ini sudah pukul sembilan lebih. Tak ada toko atau warung yang bertahan buka lebih larut dari toko ini. "Gak tau, Mbak. Tapi kalo bawa, kan pasti geger ini satu kompleks." Ya jelas lah. Gegernya bukan karena Hasan bunuh diri, melainkan dia pasti disumpah serapahi bapak-bapak dan om-om tentara: mati

"Time Will Heal" is True, But...

Kalian bisa jadi pernah dengar perkataan berikut: time will heal everything . Kalimat itu rasanya begitu menggugah, apalagi jika posisi kita sedang menggengam luka. Seperti ada optimisme muncul dan membawa kita untuk tak patah semangat. Tapi nih, ya, mommaap, emang iya, waktu menyembuhkan segalanya? Hehe. Siapa sih yang gak pernah terluka dalam hidupnya? Pasti, tiap-tiap dari kita pernah merasakan luka. Entah karena disakiti, entah karena kegagalan sehingga terjatuh sendiri, atau justru terluka karena kehilangan. Duh... Saat menghadapi luka menganga ini, rasanya ya... mungkin awalnya gak percaya. Fase denial . Mulai tumbuh pertanyaan-pertanyaan dan rasa tak percaya seperti: kenapa harus aku? Kenapa harus sekarang? Kenapa ini, kenapa itu... Saat rapuh macam ini, kalimat di judul postingan ini cukup dapat memberi ketenangan dan rasa damai. Sehingga, akhirnya fase denial itu dapat dilalui dan kita tiba pada fase lain yakni: menerima. Menerima kehadiran serangkaian peristiwa yang membawa l